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Ambassel offers you nothing but the best quality of Tailor Made shirts and suits.
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What we are offering you is the most unique and creative way to design and order your Custom Made Shirts and suits.

Designer is the most advanced and simple tool, giving you limitless design possibilities.

Design away at no extra cost for any choice of style. Here is the most notable suit types that are offerd by our garment

Single Breasted

A mirror image jacket that is two halves sewn together and closed with one to four buttons in the exact center, these are the most common type of suit available. They often have notched lapels.

Double Breasted

A bigger, bolder suit statement, the double-breasted suit has the more flashy peak lapels, and six to eight buttons on the front. Instead of closing directly in the center, double-breasted suits button on one side, usually the wearer’s right. These have more fabric and cut a bigger, bolder frame. They’re more formal than single-breasted suits and worn to make a statement.


The most American style, these roll off the edge of the body.

Straight Shoulder

The straight shoulder creates a more angular shape to the shoulder, often using pads to pump it up and breaking sharply between shoulder and sleeve.


Popular in France and Italy, roped shoulders are generally the mark of a true hand-made suit. This shoulder type is marked by a little puff with pleats where the sleeve seam hits the shoulder.

Silhouettes Fitted

Built to minimize the amount of fabric between you and the world, the fitted style has high arm holes that help show off your physique. If you don’t have a physique to show off, skip it.

Silhouettes Structured

Padded shoulders and a slim waist help create a more masculine appearance, even if your own body is not. More formal than others and almost always seen on double- breasted suits.

Silhouettes Sack

The suit cut for blending in, this is meant to round the shoulders and then hang around the body to blur the lines and create a minimalistic appearance.

Lapels Peak

Heavily pointed toward the shoulders, peak lapels are more. formal than notched or shawl, and always bear a boutonniere button-hole.

Lapels Notched

Think of notched lapels as business class. These are found on most business suits as they are neither too formal nor too casual. You won’t typically find them on a tuxedo, but on workaday wear.

Labels Shawl

The most casual, shawl lapels are relatively rare on suit jackets, being reserved more for casual blazers and smoking jackets. They almost never have a button-hole, since they’re intended for lounging, not dressing to impress.

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